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Regular attendance is of prime importance to student success.  Irregular attendance often results in students failing to meet minimum graduation requirements.

Reporting Absences

Absences must be cleared within 5 school days or they are marked as truancies.  

To report or clear absences call (916) 971-5147 (24 hours/7days a week) or if you wish to speak to the Attendance Secretary, call (916) 971-5152.

It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to monitor the student’s attendance records for accuracy.  Students and parents can check attendance on the Parent Portal through the District website,

  • Students may receive their password information in the Attendance Office.
  • Parents may obtain a PIN and password by coming to the Attendance Office with proof of  identification. 

Truancies and Tardies

Students miss valuable learning opportunities when a portion of a class or an entire class is missed. Students with four or more truancies will be seen by administration at 6, 12, and 18 weeks each semester.  Please remember that truancies are accumulated throughout the year.

A student who arrives at school after 8:30 a.m. should go directly to the Attendance Office to get a late slip.  

Tardies reset beginning of each grading period

Early Dismissals

Every effort should be made to schedule appointments and other personal activities outside of school hours.

  • An Early Dismissal pass may be obtained from the Attendance Office with a note or phone call from a parent.  
  • If a student becomes ill while at school, they should report to the Attendance Office.
  • Students that leave campus without a verified Early Dismissal pass will receive disciplinary action.

Students should not use their phones in the classroom to text parents or call parents if they are ill. They must let the teacher know and go to the Attendance Office to call. 

Important note: If a student is marked absent any given period but was actually tardy and the “A” code for absence is not changed to a “T” code for being tardy that “A” will roll to a “Y” after 5 days and therefore count as a cut.  Students, monitor your attendance.  Come to the attendance office to inquire on how to clear an “A” that should have been a tardy “T.”  (It will require the teacher’s signature).

SENIORS who accumulate 36 periods of cuts will not participate in commencement ceremonies. This includes cuts verified by a parent/guardian (indicated by “C” code in Zangle) AND absences that were not cleared within 5 days of absence (indicated by “Y” code in our student information system)

Commencement Participation Requirements

In order to participate in commencement ceremonies, students must:

  • Fulfill credit requirements
  • Have fewer than 36 periods of truancies
  • Not be on social probation at the time of commencement ceremony
  • Have refrained from engaging in behavior that resulted in home suspension.

Click here for Attendance Letter Timelines. 


Pasos para excusar una ausencia
Padres o Guardianes de San Juan High School
Demostrar documentaciones en persona
• Comprobante de cita del dentista o doctor
(nota con firma y fecha de la cita)
• Línea de 24 horas 916-971-5147
-Deje un mensaje con el nombre de su estudiante
y la razón de su ausencia
-Solicitar salir temprano
-Hablar con la oficina
Correo electrónico/email
• Bajar la aplicación: San Juan Unified School District- report
• Email-
• Nombre del estudiante
• Fecha de ausencia
• Su nombre y relación al estudiante
• Razón por la ausencia
• Su firma (primer nombre y apellido)
*Tienen 5 días para excusar una ausencia